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arrow District 15 apartment for sale
District 15 of Budapest - In a 4-year old house made of bricks, 103 sqm apartment for sale. 3.5 rooms, suitable for an office, in perfect condition, proximity to the M3 and 2A motorways. Great access to the house, quiet area, economic individual heating, alarm system, all you need for a comfortable living here. You will also have your own garage and part of the common storage area. Asking price: HUF 28,9 million. Contact the owner (Deutsch, English) +36 1 306 1541, mobile: +36 30 373 3065 or send e-mail

arrow Real estate Debrecen
Debrecen - In Debrecen city and in its outskirts, we offer plots and lands to build commercial and industrial parks and agricultural acreages. More information: Tel: 00 36 30 938-2485. Tel/Fax: 00 36 52 456-486. Send e-mail

Lake Balaton

arrow Country house
balaton property Keszthely, Balaton - 5 bedroomed family house, size: 180 sq.m, built in 1999, land size 1,280 sq.m, asking price HUF 36,500,000 Ft (EUR 146,000).

arrow Country house
balaton property Keszthely, Balaton - 3 bedroomed family house, size: 250 sq.m, built in 1996, land size 700 sq.m, asking price HUF 29,500,000 Ft (EUR 118,000).

arrow Country house
balaton property Lake Balaton - 3 bedroomed family house, size: 160 sq.m, built in 1984, land size 1,714 sq.m, asking price HUF 39,500,000 Ft (EUR 158,000).

arrow Country house
balaton property 4 km from Keszthely - Family house, land: 666 m2, house: 160 m2, 6 bedrooms, built in 2000. Price: HUF 31,500,000 (EUR 126,000).

arrow Country house
balaton property Lake Balaton - 5 km from the town of Keszthely. 7 bedroomed family house, size: 280 m2, built in 2004, land: 1,500 m2, price: HUF 36,500,000 (EUR 146,000).

arrow Country house
balaton property Lake Balaton - Panoramic views, on north side of Lake Balaton, 3 bedroomed family house, size: 200 m2, built in 2004, land: 2,100 m2, price: HUF 61,000,000 (EUR 244,000).

arrow Guesthouse
balaton property Lake Balaton - Small hotel/guest house situated close to Lake Balaton, 6 km from the town of Keszthely. 8 rooms, size: 420 m2, built in 1994, land: 1,096 m2, price: HUF 75,000,000 (EUR 300,000).

arrow Country house
balaton property Near Keszthely - Family house, land: 1,100 m2, house: 280+36 m2 garage 5 bedrooms, built in 1998, price: HUF 78,000,000 (EUR 312,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property South corner of Lake Balaton - Plot and building on the shores of Lake Balaton. 10,000 m2 with all utilities, can be divided up. Can build house on 25% of the land, max 7.5m high. The minimum size that land can be divided into is 2,000 m2 units. Price: HUF 200,000,000 (EUR 800,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property North side of Lake Balaton - 7 bedroom family house (234m2) on 560m2 of land. Built in 1989. Price HUF: 32,000,000 (EUR 128,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property North side of Lake Balaton - 6 bedroom family house (175m2) on 295m2 of land. Built in 1960. Price HUF: 27,000,000 (EUR 108,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property North side of Lake Balaton - Family house (200m2) on 540m2 land. Built in 1960. Price HUF: 33,000,000 (EUR 132,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property North side of Lake Balaton - 6 bedroom family house (162m2) on 468m2 land. Built in 1978. Price HUF: 22,000,000 (EUR 88,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property South-west corner of Lake Balaton - 5 km from Keszthely 7 bedroom family house (280m2) on 1500m2 land. Built in 2004. Price HUF: 36,500,000 (EUR 146,000).

arrow Land for development
balaton property 4 km from Keszthely - South-west corner of Lake Balaton 8 bedroom family house (250m2) on 950m2 land. Built in 1995. Price HUF: 40,000,000 (EUR 160,000).

golf club villa for sale hungary

New luxury golf club villas, condominiums and semi detached houses are offered for sale near Budapest. All villas stand on their own plots with superb view to the golf course. Plot sizes are between 800 - 2,800 sqm. Harbour, hotel, spa, golf course. Excellent holiday destination for both golfers and non-golfers alike. Fix your villa today. Investment and purchase info: Golf club villa near Budapest

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Industrial property, site, land

arrow 1,197 sqm plot in District 2, Budapest

Huvosvolgy, District 2, Budapest - 1,197 sqm plot for sale with an existing weekend house on it. The plot is located at a top hill with superb panorama to the whole Buda hills, nearby forests and hills. Incredible view! Built-in ratio: 15%. Gross buildable: 0,4. Minimum green area: 75%. Maximum height of the building: 6m. A total of 480 sqm can be built and sold in 2 duplex apartments. Asking price of plot: HUF 100 Million (EUR 385,000).

arrow Industrial area offer from owners, 60,000 m2 industrial and commercial land is available 38 km to the west of Budapest, Banyavolgy. 4 km from the main road between Etyek and Alcsutdoboz. Suitable for commercial uses as industrial area, for storage facilities (warehouses), logistics centers, breeding farm, hotel spa, etc.

The area has 12 units of concrete surface sized 81 meters x 14 meters. Two concrete surfaces have sheds on them. There is a 300 m2 building at the entrance to the land. A fresh water well of 85 meters deep is available at 900 meters from our plot. Maximum build-in rate allowed is 30%. Maximum height of construction allowed is 7.5 meters. Selling price: HUF 2,700/m2. Rent: HUF 300/m2.

arrow Industrial site near the Dunakeszi Auchan
dunakeszi land Industrial and commercial sites are available near the Dunakeszi Auchan area. Site sizes are between 1 and 8 hectares. Utilities will be available in the near future, depending on the needs of the owners. Asking price: HUF 6,500 - 9,500 /sq.m. (EUR 26-38) depending on the location and site size.

arrow 60 hectares for sale at Gyor M1 motorway
gyor land 60 hectares of industrial site directly at the M1 motorway at Gyor city. The municipality supports warehousing, logistics, petrol station, restaurants, fast food, shopping mall, office buildings, small or medium size production hall, workstations, truck washing, truck parking etc.

gyor land The owner is ready to sell smaller plots starting from 3-5 hectares. Asking price: HUF 2,500 / sq.m. (EUR 10). Buildable area is 50%. Further municipality regulations are available upon your interest.

arrow Industrial sites near the M0 motorway
Dunaharaszti In Dunaharaszti Northern and Southern Industrial Park, along the M0 and road nr.51, development land is available for sale, sizes between 0.5 - 3 hectares.

arrow Useful information - From April 2006, Ryanair will be flying to the Sarmellek Airport (FlyBalaton) from London. FlyBalaton is Hungary's most recent airport and is located in Zala county in western Hungary. The developer and operator of FlyBalaton is a consortium of Irish and Hungarian professionals who bring a range of expertise to the Airport.

Balaton Airport
Balaton Airport

Alsopahok - 5 km to the north of FlyBalaton Airport there is the village called Alsopahok. Local owners are ready to sell their vacant building land due to financial difficulties. The asking price of vacant land is HUF 2,500 (EUR 10) per m2. The minimum land size available for purchase is 2,350 m2, which would cost EUR 23,500.

45 hectares of vacant land near Sopron and Neusidler See available for a healing, wellness, fitness thermal hotel complex. The project is in the planning stage. Looking for major financing sources.


1,000 sq.m. existing building in the 5th district of Budapest (central governmental and business district, near the House of Parliament, next to the Liberty square, view to the River Danube). The building is 23m high, basement + 4 floors + attic. Plans are ready to reconstruct the building to have 27 apartments and some shops.

5th district building
5th district building

22 hectares of vacant land, in the 18th district of Budapest, at the end of the Ulloi road, close to the main road, at the municipality edge of Budapest. Owners are Hungarians. Supported investments are industrial, commercial, warehousing, logistics, service providing, hotel, office building.

budapest-vecses land
budapest-vecses land

In the very center of Szeged city, vacant land of 4,560 sq.m. is available. According to the municipality plans, the total buildable gross area could be 15,000 sq.m. which could be 6 floors + 2 underground parking. The owners have been looking at the option to build apartments, or to build a commercial and entertainment complex.

szeged land
szeged land

Development land

Looking for development land in Hungary? Vacant development land is quite rare in Budapest, but there are still many ways to start your own property development project.

Architectural engineering and design

Need a good architect team in Budapest to plan either residential buildings, office buildings, industrial halls? Full service property design.

Building contractor for construction

Need an experienced and financially strong building contractor to execute the complete your project according to working drawings? There are several construction companies with excellent references.

Real estate Hungary
Real estate Hungary

Family house or small condominium?

You do not necessarily want to start something big. If you are interested in investing in small projects such as individual family houses or condominium, it is still possible to get you to developers of that size.

Financing, bank loan, mortgage loan

In order to take advantage of local bank loans, you must either have a local company, or you could apply for a bank loan in Hungary as a private foreign individual. In order to learn more about loan possibilities, contact us.

arrow Building plot
building plot 621 sqm building plot close to Dozsa Gyorgy road. Operative construction license for a block of 26 flats (ground floor + 5 floors), 63 sqm premises for 1 shop + storage (on the ground floor), an underground parking lot for 28 cars, and the ferroconcrete machinery of the elevator. Price: 110 000 000 HUF (EUR 450,000)

arrow Industrial property
industrial area for sale In Dunaharaszti town, right along the road number M0 and 51 an area of 0.5 hectare is for sale. Another piece of land, next to road 51, close to road M0, land of 3 hectares is for sale. More information, price and photos are available.

arrow Hotel
hotel for sale In Vas county, 3 star hotel is for sale. Calm environment, family feeling, full service apartment rooms to host 46 people altogether. Floor heating, separate bathrooms, kitchen, TV, fridge. The hotel is close to famous spa resorts. Vacant land nearby included in price. Asking price: HUF 300 Million (EUR 1,23 M)